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Erin Macdonald is a tattooed astrophysicist who brings a STEM career panel's worth of experience (including years spent in Glasgow, Scotland on her PhD) to the page. Working as the science consultant for the Star Trek franchise, she has found her voice in multi-genre character-driven storytelling while bringing levity and a passion for science to a room.


She is available for work as a television staff writer, and has a number of credentials, samples, and references available.

Her non-fiction work includes the best-selling Audible Original series "The Science of Sci-Fi" which explores the use of gravity and spacetime in science fiction. In addition, "Star Trek: My First Book Of Space" is coming out in September 2022. She also has written multiple episodes on the science behind video games with the popular Extra Credits YouTube channel.


Erin is currently working as the science advisor to the Star Trek franchise, advising from concept development through post-production.

Instead of poking holes in beloved sci-fi universes, Erin sees them as a jumping point to apply current science and push it beyond current limits.  Given her background, Erin's specialty focuses on the use of general relativity in sci-fi through faster-than-light travel, artificial gravity, alternate universes and more, and after teaching extensively in classrooms and at museums, she is well-versed in most fields of astronomy and physics.

Though the Star Trek universe consumes most of Erin's time these days, if you are interested in retaining her as a consultant, please reach out to discuss scope and fees. Thank you for your interest!

Erin is currently represented by Brian Goldberg (WPA) for television writing and consulting

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