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Old Televisions and Radios


Agent: Brian Goldberg (WPA)

The following projects are original screenplays and are available as samples or for production. Please contact for more information!

To Skye (Feature)

Based on a True Story: A young woman in the 18th Century Scottish Isles finds herself harboring and aiding the escape of the exiled Prince of Scotland.

Awards: The Monthly Film Festival (3rd Place)


Faire Days (Half-Hour Comedy)

Among the traveling renaissance festival scene, young performers find their family within a group of wayward misfits.

Faire Days.png

Amalgam One (One-Hour Sci-Fi)

While attempting to free his son, a high-ranking staff member accidentally wakes up five people who discover they’re trapped by an ostracized tech genius obsessed with advancing humanity among the stars.


We Can Get It Yesterday
(One-Hour Sci-Fi Action/Comedy)

In a near future where time travel is possible but costly and complicated, a group of women make a living as time-traveling bounty hunters, traveling through space helping people correct the recent past.

Vector Course.png
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