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speaking and hosting

Erin has extensive experience as a public speaker for a variety of events, from career talks at schools and universities to hosting and moderating panels at pop culture conventions.

Sample Talks:

"Representation Matters: How STEM in TV and Movies led me to Hollywood" - A personal journey through Dr Macdonald's varied career, teaching that passion and seeing yourself represented can be a guiding light as you find your path.

Target Audience: High School/College/University Students; STEM-themed Career Events


"Physics and Star Trek" - An exploration of the various technologies throughout the legacy of the Star Trek franchise, and how the relationship between science and Star Trek has evolved over the decades.

Target Audience: Science Fiction fans, Popular Science Events


"The Interconnectivity of Science and Popular Culture" - A discussion on how science and popular culture have developed an intertwined relationship over the last century: science inspiring story, and stories inspiring careers and technology.

Target Audience: Popular Science Events, General Audience

Feel free to contact with appearance queries!


Erin is currently represented by Mark Turner (Gersh) for non-scripted on-camera talent and Scott Wolfman (Wolfman Productions) for speaking events.

You can find past recorded events at this link (YouTube)

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