Live Appearances are currently on hold due to COVID-19. Please check out my livestreams and YouTube channel for Dr Erin content!


Are you interested in having Erin come speak at your group, event or school?
Here are some of the most popular topics (always open to requests!):

  • "Science Education through Pop Culture"

  • "Space Science is More Amazing Than Sci-Fi"

  • "Spacetime in Science Fiction (i.e. artificial gravity and FTL travel)"

  • "Multiverse Theory in Science Fiction"

  • "The Science of Video Games"

  • "The Astrophysics of [Star Trek, Star Wars, etc]"

  • "Recent Discoveries in Space Science"

  • "Cool Careers in Space Science"

​She is based in Los Angeles, but happy to discuss travel if possible. Feel free to contact Erin with queries

Photo by Trek Profiles (STLV 2018)

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